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Starting in 1999, we were in The Cloud way before The Cloud was cool.  We are used to being innovators, creating software with requests from our clients.  We also do industry firsts, like in 2004 when we invented the alcohol industry's first web-based Point of Sale (POS) system.  Back then, everyone laughed.  Now, they're doing something else.

See our innovations below, and know that 20+ years in, we are only getting started.

1999   General Online store v1 (Industry First: same domain for online brand equity)

2001   Wine club & email broadcaster v1

2004  POS v1  (Industry First:  100% web-based Point of Sale)

2006  POS v2, Allocation store v1

2007  POS v3, General & Allocation Online store v2  (Industry First: continuous presence cart)

2009  POS v4, SC Integration, Campaign Mgr v2 (delay/recurring send capability with merge fields)

2010   Reservations Manager v1 (Industry First:  integrated reservations grid for tours and tastings)

             Enterprise (industry first:  system serving multiple brand websites from one database for


2011     Campaign Mgr v3, Custom Club (Industry First:  User Choice club capability)

2012    Reservations Manager v2, BI Reporting, eXchange

2013    Dedup Tool (Industry First: integrated comprehensive tool to de-dupe data imports from various systems)

2014    POS v5, Wineshipping Dashboard (Industry First: dashboard of it's kind with Wineshipping)

2015    100% Tokenization, EMV & P2PE, Vast Application Security Rework (breach remediation)

2016    PCI Compliant v3.2 Validated (Industry First:  only SaaS vendor to be PCI VALIDATED)

2017    Dynamic Search (Industry First: search 160+ datapoints to segment customers for email & reports)

2018    Wine Club ReMix,  Designer Widgets underway

2019    Tip Line for POS with reporting; Enterprise (multi-brand) enhancements; 

2020    eCommerce Sidekick with Auto-Suggest (Industry First), Multi-location inventory improvements; Abandoned Cart Search & Actionability; 

2021    Push Pay, Multi-Ship, State Limiter - so far!

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