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Remodeled After 20 Years

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"Love the new look!"

Efrain Barrigan, Clif Family Winery

"It’s so easy to get to used to.

Our Somm in the tasting room loves the new POS!"

Robbie Ebel, Grammercy Cellars

"It is really pretty... "

Cheryl Reidel, Rombauer Vineyards

For over 20 years, we built eCELLAR with a keen focus on incredible all-in-one functionality for our users on the backend. For the last 4 months, we've spent our time and money on looks and cleanup. We felt it was a perfect time to lighten up the day of each one of our users with a calming color palette, and make our platform friendly to their laptop & mobile devices from wherever they work now.

This remodel also is an updated framework which will allow faster and cleaner feature additions in the future. Stay tuned - much more to come!

Be safe out there -

-- Paul

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