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Are you afraid of switching DTC systems because of data migration?

So, you're frustrated with your current DTC software, and you know there's a better solution out there. But when it comes down to it, you are afraid of the pain and suffering that will ensue on moving your data, and most likely, the chance of losing some of it during the migration.

Meaningful data is the livelihood of your business.  To start, there are your customer records and everything attached to them: contact information, notes, wine purchases, club subscriptions, credit cards, email campaign history, winery visitation, and even their noted preferences.  Then, there is your historical guest appointments and referrals, overall sales history, products (and descriptions), and inventory skus.

If this sounds overwhelming, you're not alone.  In fact, in many cases, it can be paralyzing; trapping your winery to stay where it is in it's current system, because of fear.

I'm writing this because I met with a leading consultant in the wine industry yesterday, and she asked me how we handle data migration for clients switching to eCellar.  She knows first hand how painful the process is for wineries on other platforms to change systems, and this concern was at the top of her (and her client's) list.

My response to her was simple: To help eliminate stress, we manage data migration inhouse, absolutely guaranteeing that no meaningful data is lost between systems.  We handhold our clients through the data migration, making it an integral part of the eCellar on-boarding process.

Data migration between two systems is no small task, and this consultant see's this challenging and stressful scenario playing out all the time.

If you want to switch DTC systems, but are afraid of losing data during the migration process, consider eCellar.  Don't worry about your data getting lost - we'll find the right place for all of it, guaranteed.

What has your experience been when switching systems?  I'd love to hear about it - please email me at to share your story.

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