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Don't Panic - Use Your Data!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

With recent news on overall declining wine demand, pricing pressures, and now potential declining visitation to tasting rooms, it's ever-more important to remember to focus on the basics.

Over my 22 years serving this industry I've seen our best winery clients apply the 80/20 rule: 80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers.  You may ask how they continue to grow in times like this?  They focus on consumer data, and more importantly, take action on it.

Steamline your Customer's Journey

Using eCellar's industry un-rivaled search capability, in minutes our clients identify their top customers, what they bought, when and how.  They segment them into target groups, and send them a highly personalized & branded email.  Upon receipt, the customer clicks a link that automatically logs them into their account on our client's website, and places a customized club or allocation order, books a reservation to visit, or simply buys more of their favorite wine in the general store.

All of this activity happens within eCellar (no plug-ins or secondary vendors needed), and the best news - you can have this ability at your winery, too.

Regardless of the number and type of systems you currently use, we will migrate your data into ONE eCellar database to empower you to better focus on your customers, segment & target based on their behavior, and boost your business' DTC top line.  See what your capabilities would be to offer a better, unified journey to your customers.

If you'd like to share or ask me questions on how you can boost revenue while improving staff operational efficiency, contact me at to set up a call.

See you out there.

-- Paul

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