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With eCellar, you have a full 360 degree view of your customers, and with our unprecedented search capability, you can segment, target & send personalized emails and pull informative reports - all within one application.  Using eCellar eliminates separate silo'd systems that don't sync together 100%, giving you a single system combining POS, Wine Club & eCommerce, without the need for additional plug-ins for email campaigns, reservations and reporting.




Sell more wine to everyone on their phone, tablet or desktop with our customizable online general storefront.  Designed to be mobile first, our API-driven online stores look great from tablet to desktop.  Customers can start on a mobile device, and finish their purchase on a desktop (or vice-versa).




Never oversell your scarce wine again by offering specific limits of wine to either individuals and/or group.  Send your customers to their allocation using Campaign Manager and magic links for auto-logon.  Allow customers to wish for more, then grant wishes in batch. 

Leverage eCellar Custom Club to serve your VIP's by sending them their guaranteed allocation, with their desired quantities, automatically.




Reportable, auditable and easy to manage. Tie any pull location to any sales channels or device for automatic decrementing of inventory. No manual transferring between pools necessary. Disallow overselling at the location level via POS.


Search inventory movement across all locations and transactions. Receive new inventory and distribute to all locations for accurate real-time counts as days, weeks and months of sales go on.




Eliminate the need to export to third-party email systems, with no additional third-party plug-ins needed.


Automate personalized emails announcing new releases, daily Thank You's for visiting, orders from the tasting room and reservation reminders - all to customers within the eCellar database.  Track resultant online purchases by campaign.


Automated bounce reporting, opens and opt-out information are in one searchable database, making retargeting and re-marketing to those who did not open your last email a breeze. See who bounced to discover if it was a temporary mailbox issue (full, temporarily disabled), and resend successfully.  




Collect reservation requests from your customers online with eCellar Booking Agent(s) in your website.  Choose to require credit card on file (stored securely via PCI Validated tokens in eCellar) by reservation type to streamline charging in Tasting Room for visit and subsequent orders via POS and online.




Our PCI Level 2 Validated Compliance gives your winery peace of mind for the best in secure transaction processing.

Automated Credit Card Updater technology minimizes declines to low levels.



Integrate eCellar seamlessly into your new or current Wordpress, CraftCMS or custom website hosted anywhere.  The API-driven Designer Widgets ensures a positive and consistent consumer experience online from mobile to desktop.  Style eCellar exactly the way you want for the most effective branded experience online.



Our Open API allows third party providers secure and easy access to your eCellar data for accounting, telemarketing and/or dashboarding.  Available 24/7, your eCellar data is available to be automatically pulled into any system for use in near real-time.

ADMIN CONTROL PANEL_2x-80_edited_edited.


Via eCellar search, pull over 100 reports for wine club memberships, reservations, payments and sales based on specific dynamic searches.  Easily discover the most profitable reservation types, wine club tiers, customer type(s), and revenue by sales channel.  Reconcile bank statements with our financial reports.  Our clients love our reports!



Whether you use traditional cash register, cash drawer and receipt printer, iPads or back-office computer - eCellar POS is right for you.  EMV capable with ApplePay capability, easily ring up sales for new and existing customers anywhere on any browser.  Edit any non-paid order (Wine Club or eCommerce too) in POS.  Automated discounting for wine club members and other discounts / promotions.

Welcome to All-In-One

Offer your customers better experiences that are engaging, connected and memorable.
Serve your customers from online to tasting room with ease using a single, All-In-One web-based platform that's available anywhere on any device. Avoid the headaches of working with multiple systems that don't synch 100% (if at all), and call us when needed for immediate and live assistance - we fully support everything.  Explore how you can offer more with eCELLAR.


Allow clients to visually see their next shipment and add or remove items with one click. The intuitive nature of eCellar Club ReMix reduces phone calls & emails to the winery. Use eCellar Custom Club to batch guaranteed allocations to those clients who simply want to receive their specified wines automatically.  Process multiple clubs simultaneously, and 1000s of payment transactions in seconds.

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