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Real-Time Multi-Location Inventory


Reportable, auditable and easy to manage. Tie any pull location to any sales channels or device for automatic decrementing of inventory. No manual transferring between pools necessary. Disallow overselling at the location level via POS.


Search inventory movement across all locations and transactions. Receive new inventory and distribute to all locations for accurate real-time counts as days, weeks and months of sales go on.


The days of overselling your wine at a particular location are over with our ‘disallow negative inventory’ flag.


General Cart or Allocation


Our data is designed to be mobile first and our API driven technology looks great from tablet to desktop. Whether you have a general store and sell to everyone or have scarce wines that need to be allocated to collectors, we have the correct tools to increase your eCommerce sales. Use our innovative AI tools to pick the right products to show to your clients.


Designer Widgets


Our Single Page Application (SPA) puts the winery web designer in charge of a seamless look and eCommerce checkout experience with a few lines of code inserted into your website hosted virtually anywhere, including WordPress Engine, Squarespace and others.


Search for customers based on their reservation and order while visiting their history. Pull reports to show the most profitable reservation type. Reduce no-shows with automated & personalized reminders (timed by YOU); Boost revenue with automated personalized Thank You emails.


Send customers highly targeted and personalized campaign messaging about their orders, reservations, club membership status and history. Know who bounced, opened or opted out. Automated bounce reporting, opens and opt-out information in one searchable database.


See who opened your email to resend it to only those who didn’t. See who bounced to discover if it was a temporary mailbox issue (full, temporarily disabled), and resend successfully. New release announcements, daily Thank You emails for visiting, orders from the tasting room, reservation reminder set x days from today.


eCellar has the only built-in Reservation System for wineries. Our system optimizes CRM to make greater hospitality possible, improve efficiencies internally, and reduce customer no-shows.


Allow clients to visually see their next shipment and to add or remove items with one click. The intuitive nature of eCellar Club ReMix reduces phone calls & emails to the winery. Don’t wait all day for your clubs to process. Process multiple tiers simultaneously, and 1000s of transactions in seconds.

True CRM



Our modern customer record allows for reservation information, email campaign history, orders, club memberships, multiple phone numbers - all in one place.



With unrivaled search tools, you can segment and take action on your customers based on virtually any variable in their profile and order history, including all reservation visit variables. Identify customers who will be quitting their wine club soon, based on trending information already in your database with a few clicks.