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Abandoned Carts: Owned

Updated: May 20, 2020

Customers bail on their online purchases 75% overall. The good news is nearly 50% respond to email inviting them back to complete their purchase.


Get them back to complete their online purchase (wine club or general store) with eCellar's new Abandoned Cart Search feature.

Identify your top customers with abandoned carts by cart age, brand, cart size and contents.

Segment further with additional data points, including last purchase/visit date, club membership status, lifetime value, geography, birthdate etc. to better focus your message.

Email campaigns recover 29% of abandoned carts


Automatically send daily emails that pull your customers back to your online store based on your criteria, and automatically log them to rehydrate their cart for express checkout - on any device. Customer response rates are high with eCellar because of personalization & branding - they feel the email was sent just to them. Best of all - track new order wins in the Campaigns Stats.

Another excuse to call your best customers

Abandoned carts are yet another reason to reach out to your best customers on the phone. We've made it easy for you to work from a dynamic list of abandoned carts within eCellar so you can call your customers in person to complete their order for them online.

Now go own those abandoned carts - they're just sitting there waiting to go through checkout!

Be safe out there.

-- Paul

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