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Getting Creative in Your Customer Engagement

Updated: Apr 25

After establishing a customer connection, it's essential to nurture the relationship strategically and tactically with your brand.  And a little bit of creativity goes a long way too.

Using data insights from your e-commerce platform and customer relationship management tools, along with your email/campaign platform, empowers you to target your customers in all sorts of creative ways.

Here are just a few ways eCELLAR users can creatively use the platform’s CRM reporting capability and built-in Campaign Manager to make customer outreach more creative.


Customers who visited the winery last May, June, July, and August and bought Rosé. They get an email mentioning that warm, rosé-sipping months are coming up and it's best to be prepared.

All your customers in the states/cities of the teams heading to the Super Bowl or World Series or NBA Championship. They are going to need something to celebrate when their team wins the big game. Give them something.

All your customers within 50 miles who, in the past year, enjoyed your walk-in winery tasting but not the private, culinary experience. Every one of these folks can get an invitation to “elevate” and see what they were missing. Maybe they even get the tasting fee waived or a discount if they reserve a “top” tasting experience in the next two months.

Contacts that have visited the winery two or more times in the past two years, but never joined the wine club. These are your most enthusiastic, but unusually uncommitted customers. Ask them to join the club.

All customers in the zip codes that are in the path of the next eclipse or other celestial event and reach out. Remind your customers that a solar or celestial event needs wine for a proper celebration.

All your GenX customers (born 1965 -1980) and show them someone is thinking of THEM. If there is a forgotten generation, it’s GenX. Let them know you remember them.

All customers who enjoyed a tasting with a particular member of your staff 6 to 12 months ago and who bought wine, invite them back. An email from the person you had your tasting with is much more personal than an email from “the winery”. Ask them back to do it again.

Those customers who have not visited or bought anything for 5 years and give them incentive to buy before they are dropped from the list. The odds of someone buying via email after not doing so for five years are SLIM. Email this group letting them know you will no longer be burdening them with more email but let them know they can get a discount on wine or a tasting before they are off the list.

Any customers who visited the winery exactly one year ago from today and invite them to return or offer them something special. Birthday emails are a dime a dozen. Give your customers a Tasting Anniversary Email.

Those customers who are 25 years old and who need a wine that will be ready for their 30th birthday. Email them and let them know that the BIG 30 isn’t as far off as they think, and you’ve got the wines that will be perfectly aged when they get there in 5 years. (Do this for the 40-year-olds looking out to their 50th)

Too often our communications with customers and clients become rote. This is one reason why mailing list customers are likely to receive numerous emails on the same topic (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, their birthdays, etc.). A little bit of creativity and leveraging your eComm platform’s reporting tools can set your outreach apart.

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