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Never Require your Customers to Log In Again

Updated: May 3, 2021

With online sales increasing, it's important to remove obstacles for your repeat buyers so they don't get frustrated and abandon their purchase. Here's a perfect example.

Yesterday, I received a gorgeous email from a well known & storied Napa Valley winery that I've purchased from in the past. When clicking on the link in the email to buy, I was taken to the home page of their website, and was presented with a pop-up asking me to join the winery's mailing list.

Huh? Am I not already on the mailing list as a regular club member, hence why I got the email in the first place? I proceeded to add to cart, clicked CHECKOUT, and was prompted to log in, which failed - twice.

After abandoning that cart and further reviewing the email, I wondered if the sender even knew me as a customer, given all the hassle I just experienced, I also realized they're promising to send me an email offer like this EVERY WEEK.

Hmmmm..... Where is that opt-out button?

In a perfect world, it would have been great to click on the email link, get logged in automatically (no username/password entry required), and see my special products just for me. I would have added them to my cart, and done a single page check out. Cha-ching!

Perfect World = eCellar

Magic Links are a new feature in eCellar eMail Campaign Manager. They allow our clients to easily embed special links in their branded & personalized email broadcasts that, when clicked, not only log in their customers automatically, but also delivers them to exactly where they should go. These should-go destinations can include:

  1. Abandoned Cart Retrieval

  2. Add-To-Cart one-click shopping

  3. Anywhere

  4. Book a Reservation

  5. Edit a Club Subscription

  6. Join a Wine Club

  7. Place an Allocation Order

  8. Place a Custom Club Order

  9. View Account Information

  10. Update Declined Credit Card in subscription profile and declined orders

Think Time Savings & Soaring Satisfaction

Eliminated are the phone calls and emails from customers who can't remember their usernames and/or passwords. Magic Links save the customer's time too, which gives them less hassle plus additional time to buy more wine!

Think Secure

Magic Links are safe - they expire in 30 days or 5 clicks - whichever comes first.

Think More Sales

With fewer stumbling blocks in customer online buying experiences, your winery will have a better chance of converting email recipients to purchasers.

If you'd like to see Magic Links in action, please contact me for a demo.

Be safe, and see you out there.

-- Paul

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