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Touchless Tastings: Create and Use QR Codes at your Winery

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Want a great way to offer your customers a touch-free tasting menu when they visit your winery? Use a QR Code. Your customers will appreciate it, and it's free!

Separate QR codes to be used by your customers while visiting your winery to:

  1. See your tasting menu

  2. Join the mailing list by linking to your website join list page

  3. Join the wine club by linking to your website's wine club options/join page

  4. Buy wine online (and even finish ringing up at the eCELLAR POS!) by creating a QR code that goes to your website's online store

  5. Schedule their next reservation linking them to eCELLAR Booking Agent

  6. Link to neighboring restaurants

What are they? QR codes, shorthand for Quick Response codes, are boxy square-and-dot filled designs that can be printed or posted online. Customers scan them using their own device (phone, iPad, etc), and pull up a web page or PDF without touching anything else.

How do they work? QR codes work similarly to barcodes we see used at the grocery store. When a QR code is scanned, it takes the user to (any) webpage or PDF on the Internet on their own device.

How are they scanned? Typically, customers can use their phone's camera to hover over the QR code, which then displays a link, and when tapped, takes them to your menu webpage. Some customers may have trouble scanning, so keep a printed wine menu handy under the counter just in case!

Try it: Use your iPhone's camera to hover (but don't take a snapshot) on the QR Code below - it'll take you to The Rutherford Grill's wine menu, my go-to restaurant's for business in the Napa Valley CA.

How do you create a QR Code for your winery? It's as easy as 1-2-3-4-5:

  1. Create a mobile-friendly page on your website that has your tasting menu. This page can be a PDF or a hidden web page on your winery's website that is mobile friendly, that displays your tasting options.

  2. Get the full website address (URL) of this new webpage, e.g.

  3. Copy and paste the full URL into a QR Code creation web utility, such as this great free one:

  4. Resize (online), download the QR code, and print it out

  5. Place the printed QR code in plain view for your customers to see and scan

If you have questions about any of this, contact your web designer - they'll be able to help!

Be safe and well -

-- Paul

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