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When working remotely, digital tools really do matter

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Now, more than ever, it's essential in our unpredictable world that data is not only available to winery workers, but actionable in any browser on PC, Mac, iPad or tablet, anywhere at anytime.

To keep customers engaged, our client's staff, regardless if they are at the winery, on the road or at home, need a single system that empowers them to easily:

  1. Search & Segment customer(s) based on visitation, order history and/or demographic

  2. Send email broadcasts to target individuals and/or groups

  3. Place order(s) via browser-based POS against customer account(s)

  4. Book reservations for tastings

  5. Edit, Manage & ship orders regardless of sales channel including Web, Club, POS

Most importantly, if any questions arise, live call-in support is available to eliminate roadblocks to get their job done.

Know a winery who needs better digital tools & support? Let us know and earn $500 Cash

Be safe, and see you out there.

-- Paul

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