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Wine Clubs - The Next Level

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Earlier this month, we held our User Groups in the gorgeous caves of Joseph Cellars in Calistoga, CA.  Over the two mornings with our clients, I asked them if they were using our just-released eCellar Club ReMix functionality, which allows their club members to review and customize (change and add to) their next club shipment online, and how it was going.  Since we developed Club ReMix with our clients' participation and input during last year's User Groups in 2017, I was hoping they were pleased.

Here's what they said:

  • In only two months since it's introduction, 50% of our winery clients have adopted Club ReMix into their wine club offerings, some completely revamping their wine clubs to all shipments via ReMix

  • Up to 50% of club members customized their orders via ReMix online

  • Club members ordered 20% more in dollar volume when placing their ReMix order online

  • Calls and emails from club members to the winery overall dropped up to 60%

  • Not one club member called with a problem customizing their club order online

  • Every winery who adopted ReMix was satisfied

This feedback translates to real dollars added to the acting wineries top line, while reducing their bottom line.

Here's an illustration of the positive effects of applying ReMix functionality to an existing (standard fixed) wine club shipment:

  • Assumption: Club size of 2,000 members

  • Assumption: ReMix Orders placed online: 1,000 (50% member adoption)

  • Assumption: Default Club Order Amt: $300

  • Default Value of Wine Club Shipment: 2,000 x $300 = $600,000

  • With ReMix, the numbers change to a per-shipment $60,000 boost and 10 hours of saved time:

  1. Revenue Boost: (1,000 (default orders) x $300) + (1,000 (ReMix orders) x $360) = $300,000 + $360,000 = $660,000 (a $60,000 boost per shipment)

  2. Time savings of Club Manager: Assuming 10% of 2,000 members call in = 200 calls/emails - 60% reduction (120 calls/emails) = 80 resulting phone calls/emails.  If each phone call or email takes 5 minutes average to handle, this is a time savings of 120 inquiries x 5 minutes = 600 minutes or 10 HOURS of saved time of the Club Manager.

Due to the fact that ReMix has been in production for only two months at the time of this writing, it is too soon to see any difference in overall club tenure, but our clients will use eCellar tenure search tools in the future to see for themselves.  You can be sure that I'll follow up to report what we all find next year.

If you want to know how to take your wine club to the next level, contact us to learn more about eCellar Club ReMix.

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