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Create Many Orders, Charge One Account

"Virtual Tastings have transformed our industry during these unprecedented times. Being able to quickly adapt a new experience that is both compelling and convenient for our customers is critical." - Christian Gastón Palmaz, Co-Founder Palmaz Vineyards

We understand that today's modern winery needs to efficiently create multiple orders and charge only one payer for virtual tastings, corporate orders and friends buying for others.

Currently serving these special, high volume customers, the typical winery is doing this outside of their main sales & CRM system by charging one customer for everything, and then manually creating a list of orders, then shipping to recipients. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

The problems with this manual process are two-fold:

  1. The laborious way of processing this outside of the sales system has minimal error/validation checking and is prone to processing & shipment errors

  2. There is no single source of truth of actionable data to use AFTER these orders are created in your CRM for reporting and later re-targeting and re-marketing purposes

Palmaz Vineyards, Jessup Cellars & Clif Family Winery have asked for eCELLAR functionality to help them make the process easier.

Introducing eCELLAR Multi-Ship: the new way to streamline your workflow AND create actionable data for the future!

With eCELLAR Multi-Ship, our clients upload a spreadsheet into eCELLAR that is validated on numerous levels, providing a detailed preview to the winery staffer for accuracy. With a single click, the orders are then created, and are ready to ship and/or pickup via the normal processing workflows used with the existing POS, Web and Club channels built within eCELLAR.

Additionally, all information is saved in eCELLAR's singular source of truth, and is therefore actionable via search for reporting & email marketing purposes.

"Multi Ship will be a game changer for Clif Family. We operate a robust business gifting program that requires this type of functionality and we can’t wait for it to come to life" - Efrain C. Barragan, Director of Digital & Marketing Clif Family Winery & Farm

To learn more about eCELLAR and Multi-Ship, please contact or request a demo today.

Be safe & well out there -

-- Paul

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