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Host Tastings with New Confidence in 2021

Updated: May 5, 2021

"Because of Covid, consumers don't want to touch anything..."

Mastercard President & CEO-Elect Michael Miebach

We understand that in addition to creating personalized online experiences for their customers, many wineries also have large investments in their tasting rooms to offer enhanced onsite experiences.

With eCELLAR PUSH PAY, the only thing your customers need to touch when they pay in-person is their own phone. There are no apps to download/install, it's free, and it's easy to use for every winery & customer.

Aside from being a super-cool experience for your customer, benefits to your winery include:

  1. Adding another layer of safety between your customers and staff during Covid

  2. Eliminating the back-and-forth of your staff to deliver checks & pick up credit cards at tables throughout all tasting areas

  3. Eliminating the need to bring out clunky credit card reader gear to every table for checkout

  4. Adding a complete mobile payment workflow in addition to EMV and NFC (touchless credit card payment) at cash registers already in use at your tasting bar(s)

  5. Personalized and winery-branded experience to the customer as they pay their bill and tip your staff, all on your winery website

Coupled with use of QR Codes covered in my August blog article, your winery will be all set providing a 100% touch-free tasting environment in 2021, where your customers will only be touching their wine glass, and their own phone during their entire visit.

To learn more about how eCELLAR can help your winery boost positive consumer experiences onsite and online , please sign up for a demo or contact me directly at

Be safe out there!

-- Paul

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